Thursday, 15 December 2016

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Following this year's Christmas neutral theme at home, I chose the B&W landscape table lamp, together with the black casas and Skiing chalet cushions to create an eclectic and calm look. I focused on adding layers with different patterns and textures. Natural linens, green branches and handmade decoratives details, such as the paper spoons framed on the walls, live together in my living room,  next to some of my old etchings and vintage finds. 
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All products available at my shop online | Photos Piero Pierini


Thursday, 8 December 2016

One of my favorite times of the year has arrived. I love Christmas in the UK, but not so much back in the islands, my house is here and it is where I can get to decorate it and enjoy it just before I leave. I like visiting the different events in the capital, admire the lights, and feel the cold, as once I get to Gran Canaria, the mood change into flip flops, beach and sun cream...

I don't tend to spend Christmas in the UK, as part of my family lives in Gran Canaria, and the rest in Germany, so traveling is always on the cards for me.

I start thinking of Christmas around October (I should do it much earlier, to get things ready for the shop, but I never manage). I choose a theme, and get the decorations out, I buy a few new things each year, and plan a bit how I am going to decorate the space, then of course nothing happens until later in December...

Since I travel, I never buy a tree in London, but I always decorate the house, even if it is just for a few weeks before leaving. I am not so much into colours, and prefer to keep the space neutral, maybe that will change in the future, but right now I like to keep things simple. This year, I have recycled some of my old decorations, and added some greens I bought in the local florist together with my cushions, lampshade and wall hooks.

The black & white landscape lampshade is from my shop, the white ceramic mug is from talented Byung, and the rest of the objects I found in vintage shops and car-boot sales. The glass dome I bought almost 17 years ago!

Following the simple neutral theme this year, I chose some mono-crome wall hooks, and added some handmade decorations, and greens. My mother made the Christmas stoking this Summer, I am taking them with me as she made one for each of us.
I am very pleased with the enchanted village wall hooks, a collaboration I recently did with designer Sian Zeng,  they are available at my shop online, where you can find a much bigger selection of colours and shapes.
I desperately needed a plan chest to store my art prints, so when the school around the corner was getting rid of it, I snapped it up just at the right time. It was covered in dirt, old paint etc...but nothing that can't be fixed after many hours of scratching, sanding and cleaning. 

This is the last post from London, so see you all from Gran Canaria, I hope you have fun decorating your homes, and remember to follow me on Instagram for some adventures under the SUN!
Photos by Piero Pierini


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

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I would like to thank everybody who came to our event last Sunday at The Glebe House in Clapham. Alix, Lisa, Lynne, Virginia and I really appreciate your company, purchases and interest in our work.

It is doubting to organise a free gathering as you don't know if people will turn up. On the Sunday morning I arrived at the house hoping that people will come along and join us in our cosy and fun event. Considering the amount of similar markets happening in the capital and near by, I am very pleased to say that we got a nice turn up. We did our best advertising it, we even did door-to-door leafleting on a few cold evenings. Sometimes I find smaller events better and more successful, especially if they take part in nice charming spaces. 
Above my stand with a few of chocolate creative products, the purses, tea towels, lavender sachets and tea light holders were the most popular. Below Roddy & Ginger beautiful products, her aprons, cushions and cards were a success. 
 As part of the Christmas market, we had some fun workshops running. Lisa Stickley spent hours teaching children how to make collages and draw pictures, while she read them her new book.
children workshops by Lisa Stickly, children workshops
In the next room, Lynne run some nice workshops on how to make natural gifts and wrapping presents. People got creative and made some niece pieces. The little boy in the picture made the most, he had so much fun, and took part in all the events, clever little boy!

The fabric bunting is mine, my mother made it this Summer with designs from my English romantic collection. If I were to sell it, it would be the most expensive bunting around, the fabrics costs a lot of money to print and are of very good quality.
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Below, some samples of natural gift making and presents wrapping by Lynne from Papermash.
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